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    Hello Again, Here you will find occasional essays and writings on wellness, mindfulness and other related topics. There will also be links and posts to articles, resources, and topics I find enlightening, beautiful, and useful. Enjoy!

Bring It Forth!

“If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.” -Gnostic Gospels of Thomas

The Power of Myth

Joseph Campbell was a pre-eminent scholar of the world’s mythologies and a deeply spiritual human being. His insights into the universal aspects of being a human and contending with the travails that life presents are illuminating and encouraging. Sadly he is often remembered by the shallowly misinterpreted quote, “follow your bliss”, which does a deep disservice to … Continue reading

Is Hope an Obstacle or a Tool?

I’m traveling North to Maine by train.  There’s something about heading to new destinations that fills me with energy and excitement. The possibility of unknown sights and novel experiences sharpens my senses and everything takes on a brighter sheen.  On the tracks, Massachusetts fades behind and the great behemoth that is Maine lies ahead. There’s a sense … Continue reading

Electric Shocks or Meditation?

A new study seems to indicate that some people would prefer administering an electric shock to themselves before spending a 10-15 minutes alone with their thoughts. This certainly gives the notion of avoiding bad company a new twist. It sad to think that our inner life might be so unappealing or distressing that we would chose … Continue reading

Our Words Are Our Weapons

A brilliant writer and nuanced social commentator, Rebecca Solnit captures many of the issues at the heart of the now, sadly, banal replies we often take in the wake of tragic acts of violence. She calls into question how easily we seek comfort in othering those who commit atrocities, seeking to absolve the larger cultural … Continue reading