Is Hope an Obstacle or a Tool?

I’m traveling North to Maine by train.  There’s something about heading to new destinations that fills me with energy and excitement. The possibility of unknown sights and novel experiences sharpens my senses and everything takes on a brighter sheen.  On the tracks, Massachusetts fades behind and the great behemoth that is Maine lies ahead. There’s a sense … Continue reading

Creating Mindful Community

                            In my last essay I wrote about the benefits and advantages of being part of a mindfulness community or sangha.  Having discussed these benefits, I wish to explore how to find a meditation community that suits your needs.  Beyond locating a … Continue reading

Working with Boredom in Meditation

One of the first things we encounter in meditation practice is boredom. It’s an uncomfortable feeling that can lead to doubt about ourselves and/or the practice. Even experienced practitioners often face the problem on long retreats or after years of dedicated practice, reaching a point where they wonder, among other things, am I wasting my … Continue reading