Therapeutic Services

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Each individual’s situation is unique and universal. Our experiences are shaped by our backgrounds, identities, and culture, including factors too complex to sum up into a simple diagnosis. Gender, sexual preference, class, race, and other factors, shape our experiences and conditioning. Understanding and appreciating these factors is fundamental to healing and growth. By bringing curiosity and interest to these aspects of your experience, we can respond most appropriately to what is needed to help you achieve balance and well-being. At the same time, there are aspects of being human that are common to all. This is allows for dialogue, understanding and empathy across difference.

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is tailored to each client’s particular needs and capacities, combining awareness of current scientific and psychological research with the wisdom of contemplative traditions. We use a cognitive, behavioral, and psycho-dynamic approaches to support people struggling with anxiety, depression, mood disorders and self-esteem. We are trained in trauma informed approaches and have experience with addiction and recovery that helps us assist clients struggling with addictive disorders of various types. Out work is deeply informed by contemplative traditions, particularly Buddhist psychology and Yogic philosophy. It is also influenced by our creative backgrounds and a deep and abiding love of nature and ecology.

Relationship Therapy

We offers couples a safe and intentional way to explore issues affecting their relationships. Partners face mounting pressures, including financial stresses, child-rearing, time management, communication, and other problems that can lead to alienation and resentment. While for some these issues are new, for others their relational problems are rooted in attachment patterns learned at an early age. We offer guidance in stepping back from automatic habits and in order to see things with more clarity and objectivity.  Relationship’s therapy provides a space to practice new means of engaging and communicating that are mutually beneficial, while avoiding patterns that are destructive of love. We rely on Jon Gottman’s research and approaches.

Family Therapy

Collectively we have years of experience working with families, supporting parents and children in developing skills and behaviors that enable them to enrich their relationship and increase mutual respect. Many parents struggle with children who have behavioral and emotional problems, often maladaptive coping strategies and/or forms of communication. Children may struggle with understanding and communicating what is happening internally, causing those around them to feel frustrated in their efforts to respond. We work to help parents increase assertiveness without relying on tactics that increase negative feedback patterns. At the same time, we works with children and youth to help them develop ways of expressing their needs without resorting to behavioral outbursts or self-destructive habits.

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