Men’s Circle: 8 Week Session Starts 1/31/22

Exploring Relationships and Deepening Connection

This is an 8-week journey for those interested in exploring what is means to live with integrity as a man today. The theme of this cycle is intimate relationships. We will explore what contributes to intimacy and what contributes to disconnection. How do we get better at communicating our emotions, desires, and needs with dear ones? How do we get emotional needs met from a range of people and not exclusively from our romantic partners

We only become whole through relationships and we all long for a sense of belonging. Yet so much of what men about masculinity breeds isolation, entitlement, and competition. The lack of instruction and modeling for expressing emotions openly, establishing boundaries, and practicing reciprocity blocks limits our capacity for intimacy. In addition, many men suffer from experiences of trauma, abuse, and neglect that impact their ability to trust others. Men are conditioned with the ideal that they should be strong and stoic and not need help. As a result, men are less likely to seek support in their healing. This makes it more likely they will project unhealed pain onto others. We are here to change that. 


Our circles are highly participatory. We are in this journey together and we need each other’s full presence. As facilitator, I guide us in creating a safe enough space for healing and challenging enough conditions for growth. I use various tools, include storytelling, writing, reflection, meditation, and others. We practice together. I also put a strong emphasis on embodiment, the cultivation of compassion, and awareness. I provide suggestions for practice outside the meetings, and offer resources for integrating the work we do in the group (ex. readings, videos, podcasts.) 


Who: All adults, 18+, who identifies as a man are welcome: straight, gay, cis, trans. Capped at 10.

When: Mondays, 7:15-8:45p. January 31st through March 21st 

Where: Via Zoom.

Cost: $200 suggested donation, but pay what you can. No one will be turned away. If you can offer more, consider doing so to offset a lower-income individual.

Registration/Questions: Contact Marlo Pedroso:

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