Healing Masculinity: Spring Men’s Circle:

Starts 4/26/22

This group is an 8-week journey for men who interested in becoming freer and more whole. It is for men who want to live robustly, feel confident, while being open to growth and evolution. It is a space to encourage mutual liberation and practice vulnerability. By sharing our stories, struggles, strengths, and visions, we create space for new possibilities. And with each other’s support we build the courage to manifest who we are meant to be in the world, becoming models for a more liberatory masculinity.

The dominant narratives of masculinity are being challenged and shifting. While this is good news, many men feel adrift about where this is leaves us. Many are challenging the toxic aspects of masculinity and patriarchy, rightly calling for accountability. Yet there is too little guidance and support for men who want heal, evolve, and be a positive force in the world.

How do we men develop a healthy and robust sense of self, while remaining mindful of our real potential to cause harm? Our conditioning encourages us not to express our most vulnerable feelings and hurts. Because we struggle alone, we often project our pain and shame, rather than transform it. This isolation and confusion undoubtedly contribute to rising rates of mental illness, loneliness, substance abuse, and suicide among men. It also contributes to the rise interest in regressive forms of patriarchal masculinity and politics, that offer some map for how to be a man.


Using various practices designed to facilitate transformation, dialogue and exploration, we will journey together into what it means to be a man today. We will share stories, write and reflect, meditate and learn to be grounded in our being. The circle is highly participatory. As the facilitator, I aim to build a transformative space where we can focus on the issues most pertinent to you. We will create a secure yet challenging space for healing and growth. Suggestions and resources will be offered to integrate the work we do in the group.


Who: All adults, 18+, who identifies as a man are welcome: straight, gay, cis, trans.

When: Tuesdays, 7-8:30p. April 26-June 14.

Where: Via Zoom.

Cost: $250. If you are lower income individual, please be in touch to discuss payment options. If you can offer more, consider doing so to offset a lower-income individual.

Registration/Questions: Contact Marlo Pedroso:

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