Holistic Therapy – Mindfulness – Yoga

Consultation – Coaching

Emergence Project is the living breathing process we are engaged in and Marlo Pedroso’s vision for healing, growth, and actualization. It is based on the fundamental truths of interbeing and change.  Marlo addresses mental, emotional, and physical suffering through the integration of contemporary, creative, and traditional technologies. His aim is to help you find freedom, joy, and well-being so you can bring your needed contributions into the world.


Combining knowledge of modern psychology, contemplative traditions, and an awareness of sociopolitical forces, Marlo uses holistic approaches to support you in unearthing your innate capacities and wisdom. His work is collaborative, acknowledging the integration of body/mind, and the relationship social and natural ecology. Marlo provide services in this spirit to individuals, partners, families, groups and organizations.

Services include:

* Individual, couples and family therapy

* Walking/Nature based therapy

* Mindfulness and stress management coaching and training for individuals, groups, and organizations

* Workshops and courses, including Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

Please send your contributions, and feedback. If you are interested in learning more or connecting, please email Marlo Pedroso at: marlo(at)emergenceprojectboston.com