Holistic Therapy – Healing –

Mindfulness – Nature


Emergence Project is the living, breathing process we are engaged in every day. It’s also a vision for healing, growth, and actualization. It’s based on the fundamental truths of interbeing and change.  For over 15 years, Marlo has worked  to help people address mental, emotional, and physical suffering through the integration of contemporary, creative, and traditional technologies. His aim is to help people find freedom, joy, and well-being so they can bring their important and necessary contributions to the world.


By combining a deep knowledge of modern psychology, contemplative spiritual traditions, and an awareness of sociopolitical forces, Marlo is able to support people in unearthing their innate strengths and wisdom. His work is collaborative, based in integrating body/heart/mind, and centers the healing power of our relationship to the natural world. Marlo works in person, outdoors in Boston, and remotely, via phone or video. 

Marlo’s specialties include:

* Individual therapy, coaching, healing, transformational counseling

* Eco-therapy, outdoor therapy

* Mindfulness and somatic oriented healing (body/mind integration work)

Men’s transformation and healing work, individual and group work

* Psychedelic journey integration work

To learn more or connect, please email Marlo Pedroso at: marlo(at)emergenceprojectboston.com